Will- Writing

Making your final wishes clear


A will is an easy way to express your wishes for what you want to achieve when you are gone. It allows you to specify exactly who gets what and helps avoid unnecessary stress and hassle for your loved ones.

A professional will from Thomas Bradley & Co is properly drafted by a senior will writer to ensure that your will is completely valid and your needs are met. It is also very important that you keep your will up to date.

When required, one phone call to us is all that’s needed. We will arrange for the will to be sent out to your executor (you will also have been provided with a copy of the will for your own safe keeping as well as a storage certificate).

£8 Million.
Total Money and property that went to the government last year because people didn’t leave a will.


  • The rules of intestacy apply – an extremely lengthy and complex process. The people you love may have to wait much longer to receive what you wanted them to inherit.
  • The courts may decide who gets what, and it will cost your family more money in legal fees.
  • Any inheritance Tax that your estate has to pay may be higher than it would be if you had made a will.


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