Power of attorney

Choosing a trusted friend or loved one to make important decisions.

More of us are becoming unable to handle our affairs these days. A Power of Attorney allows you to choose a loved one or trusted friend to make a decision for you – about your money and your health, if you no longer can in the future.

By setting up a Power of Attorney you stay in control of your affairs now while making it easier for your loved ones in the future. Plus you benefit from peace of mind that it has all been taken care of.

Your nominated attorney can be a close relative or trusted friend. You and your attorney will both receive notification once the Power of Attorney has been set up.


A Power of Attorney is something that you may never need to use but if there comes a time when it is required, your family may have to go to the court to get authority to act on your behalf if you haven’t put plans in place.

If you are in this position it may be necessary for the Court Of Protection to become involved. They can decide whether someone has mental capacity to make decisions, make an order relating to welfare and/or financial affairs for someone who lacks mental capacity and appoint a deputy to make decisions.

This can be time consuming and very costly, and in some circumstances the courts may decide who should look after your affairs

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