The only way to completely protect your assets and loved ones.

The only way to completely protect your assets and loved ones.

Your will is the first, key step towards planning ahead successfully for later life. It tells everyone how you want your money, property and all your belongings to be shared when you pass away. With a family protection trust, you can make sure that what you want to happen does happen.

Your will stays in force, according to your wishes and you can update or change it at any time.  Your Family Protection Trust works alongside your will and provides complete protection for your assets, meaning you leave behind more for your loved ones.

  1. Protection against expensive executor costs
  2. Protection against sideways disinheritance
  3. Protection against children legal rights
  4. Protection against your assets being used to pay for long term care
  5. Helping to avoid children inheriting at the wrong time
  6. Helping to plan if children’s inheritance tax is a concern
  7. Allowing family to help protect and manage our assets in event of incapacity.


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